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A man stretching open his sports coat and shirt revealing an icon of a present. To the right, the words: Tis the season. Rates as low as 8% APR. Terms of 12 months.

Be a hero. Save the Season with a holiday loan!

The holiday season doesn't have to be a time of hurry and worry. Swoop in for a Holiday Loan from Guardians Credit Union, and let us provide the funds you need for an unforgettable season.

  • Create unique holiday memories.
  • Put more presents under the tree.
  • Get the family together.
  • Take a romantic trip abroad.

'Tis the Season

Rates as low as 8% APR* for 12 months!

Apply now! This great offer is only available through December 24, 2018.

*Annual Percentage Rate. The APR will be determined by your creditworthiness. Rates range from 8% A.P.R.–13% A.P.R. Payment Example: 12 payments of $45.23 per $1,000 borrowed based upon a 8% APR. Please ask a member relations specialist for more details.

The words "Financial Education Seminars" in blue against a white background.

Member Financial Education Seminars

Join Guardians Credit Union for a series of FREE financial education seminars at a branch near you.

Understanding Your Credit Report & Score

It's one of the most important documents of your financial life, but do you REALLY understand how credit reports work? In this seminar, we'll discuss what information is included in your credit report, how your credit score is calculated, and what you can do to improve your score.

Understanding Your Credit Report & Score Seminar Locations and Dates
LocationDate & Time
Lake Worth Beach Branch
120 N. Federal Highway, Suite 105
Lake Worth Beach, FL 33460
December 13, 2018 at 6:00pm
Main Branch
3469 Summit Boulevard
West Palm Beach, FL 33406
December 6, 2018 at 6:00pm

Protect Yourself from Fraud & Scams

Fraud can happen to anyone — Chances are you've received fraudulent emails and ambiguous phone calls, or encountered fake online ads and questionable posts on social media. This seminar will give you the knowledge to avoid becoming a victim.

Protect Yourself from Fraud & Scams Seminar Locations and Dates
LocationDate & Time
Main Branch
3469 Summit Boulevard
West Palm Beach, FL 33406
November 6th – 6:00 PM
Lake Worth Beach Branch
120 N. Federal Highway, Suite 105
Lake Worth Beach, FL 33460
November 13th – 6:00 PM

Refreshments will be served at all seminars.

Valiant Checking logo

Valiant Checking

Coming soon in 2018! We are proud to announce that in 2018 we will start offering Valiant Checking to our younger members ages 13-17. There's no-minimum balance required, and these accounts are covered by free overdraft protection from savings. Each member receives one free box of 50 checks and will be able to easily manage this account via mobile devices.

(Valiant Checking requires joint ownership of the account with a parent or guardian over the age of 18.)

Retirement Questions That Have Nothing to Do With Money

Think about these matters before you leave work for the last time.

Retirement planning is not entirely financial. Your degree of happiness in your "second act" may depend on some factors you cannot quantify. Here are a few of those factors as well as the questions they may end up provoking in your mind.

Where will you live? This is a major factor in retirement happiness. If you can surround yourself with family members and friends whose company you enjoy, in a community where you can maintain old friendships and meet new people with similar interests or life experience, that is a definite plus. If all this can occur in a walkable community with good mass transit and senior services, all the better. Moving away from the life you know to a spread-out, car-dependent suburb where anonymity seems more prevalent than community may be a bad idea.

How will you get around in your eighties and nineties? The actuaries at Social Security project that a quarter of today's 65-year-olds will live to age 90. Some will live longer. Say you find yourself in that group. What kind of car would you want to drive at 85 or 90? At what age would you cease driving? Lastly, if you do stop driving, who would you count on to help you go where you want to go and get out in the world?1

What will you do with your time? Retirement is not about leaving your old life behind, it is about enhancing the life you have created. It is about writing a new chapter in your life, informed by wisdom and experience. What will that chapter look like? What narrative will unfold for you?

Too many people retire without any idea of what their retirement will look like. They leave work, and they cannot figure out what to do with themselves, so they grow restless. Certainly, you do not want this to happen to you.

If your life, identity, and social circle revolve around your work, then maybe you should ignore any received wisdom that tells you to retire at a certain age and keep working. On the other hand, if you have goals and passions in mind that you need to pursue — dreams you need to fulfill away from your career or business — then you definitely have the "raw material" to write that next chapter in your life story and retire with purpose.

How will you keep up your home? At 45, you can tackle that bathroom remodel or backyard upgrade yourself. At 75, you will probably outsource projects of that sort, whether or not you stay in your current home. You may want to move out of a single-family home and into a townhome or condo for retirement. Regardless of the size of your retirement residence, you will probably need to fund minor or major repairs, and you may need to find reliable and affordable sources for gardening or landscaping.

Will your relationships with family and friends change? Should you move nearer to your children or other relatives? If you have grandchildren, what kind of role do you anticipate playing in their lives? Your significant other may spend more of each day with you than he or she has in years; that may be welcome, or it may take some adjustment.

These are the non-financial retirement questions that no pre-retiree should dismiss. Think about them as you plan and invest for the future.

Provided by Jack Ramsay.

Jack Ramsay may be reached at
561-686-4006, ext. 1120 or

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