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Happy AutoDays from Guardians Credit Union!

4 icons: Bumper-2-Bumper Extended Warranty, GAP Insurance, Auto Buying Services, Terms up to 84 months.

Don't let Scrooge-y auto rates and fees damper your holiday season

Let our team of magic-makers save you from paying too much for your auto loan.

With our comprehensive bundle of auto services including low rates and flexible terms we'll take the "Bah Humbug" right out of the car buying process. Check out our list (you can check it twice if you want!) of services to empower your auto buying or refinancing experience.

  • Bumper-2-Bumper Extended Warranty - Acts as your super sidekick and always has your back
  • GAP Insurance - Swoops in to protect you from owing more than your vehicle is worth
  • Auto Buying Service - Removes the stress of auto buying at no cost to you
  • Terms up to 84 months - Rescues your monthly budget with affordable rates & extended terms

Learn more about our auto loans.